Choosing the Right Vacuum – Top Tips You Might Have Overlooked


Regular vacuuming is the best way to help keep your carpets in good shape between visits from a carpet cleaning company. But it can do more than that. By helping to eliminate the amount of dirt and dust that’s around in general you can extend the life of your HVAC filters, improve the general air quality in your home and reduce the fire risk that clogged filters can present.

For it to be most efficient though you need a really good vacuum cleaner. Head to any store that sells them though and you are likely to be faced with dozens of different choices. The important thing to remember when shopping is that there is more to a great vacuum cleaner than just flashy good looks or the promise of great suction.

Here are a few things some people overlook when choosing the right vacuum for their home:

Size: Vacuums come in lots of different sizes and size is actually important when it comes to using it. If you choose a certain model because it seems to offer a lot of power, or because its a great price but it is then rather heavy it may become even more of a chore to use. If possible test drive a vacuum before you buy it. If it is too heavy for you to lift, or hard to push you are less likely to actually use it as often as you should.

Attachments – Many people want to be able to use their vacuum for more than just cleaning their carpets. A vacuum with the right attachments can be used to clean upholstery, draperies and blinds so if all of these are present in your home choosing a vacuum that is up to these tasks is important as well.

Versatility – There are very few homeowners whose home is completely carpeted and the non carpeted floors have to be kept clean as well. If you have a vacuum cleaner that can be adjusted for use on other types of floor then it will help reduce the amount of effort to have to put in to do this.

There are also some models available that double as wet vacuums as well. These can be handy if you have a leak prone basement but on a day to day basis most homeowners probably won’t get enough use out of the functionality to justify what is often a hefty price increase over standard models.

Noise – How noisy a vacuum is may not be the most important consideration when choosing the right model for you but after a few months (or even weeks) of using a noisy vacuum then you may wish you had given it a bit more thought. No vacuum is silent but you do not have to be stuck with one that almost deafens everyone in the house every time it is used!

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