How to Safely Clean Your Home’s Gutters Yourself


Clogged gutters lead to overflowing gutters which can then lead to all kinds of problems. Leaks in your walls, ceilings and basement, damage to your foundation and even a dead garden can all be caused by the overflow from a clogged up gutter. Cleaning them on a regular basis can prevent much of this trouble though. This is especially true when those autumn leaves start tumbling down and as we’re sure you know, many of them end up clogging up your gutters rather quickly.

Gutter Cleaning Basics

Cleaning a gutter is rather more complicated process than cleaning the rest of the house, indoors or out. However if you have a basic idea of what you should do and a head for heights then you can do the job yourself. Here are the basic steps:


  • Find the sturdiest ladder you can. It may be a good idea to have a friend with you to help steady the ladder.
  • Once you are at roof height and can see the gutters, begin clearing out any debris that is loose with a plastic garden trowel or even, in a pinch, a plastic spoon. We emphasize plastic as most modern gutters are made of it and metal tools can easily damage them, leading to new holes and leaks that were not there before.
  • Some people try to use a leaf blower to clean their gutters. This, on the face of it would be efficient and if you have a low roof it may work well. Standing on a ladder and trying to use a leaf blower can be very awkward and dangerous and will usually be something that a homeowner should not attempt.
  • Flush the gutters with a garden hose to remove as much of the remaining debris as possible. This can also be a good way to discover leaks before the snow arrives and they are allowed to cause all kinds of problems unchecked.
  • Check the downspouts around your home as well. If you do find a blockage you may be able to clear it with a hose but be very careful, gutters are fairly easy to damage with a high pressure water stream.

The Downsides of DIY Gutter Cleaning

As you can see, cleaning the gutters around your home is not an easy process and even if you don’t mind the idea of working on a ladder it is often not very safe either. A better and safer idea would be to call in the professionals. A professional gutter cleaning will be far more efficient and if there are other problems with them apart from a buildup of debris they can be discovered and in many cases the company can repair them on the spot, or at least make plans to come back and do so before the winter arrives.

Most people who try to clean their own gutters do so to save money. There are some areas of home maintenance where doing it yourself makes great sense but this kind of project is often not one of them. Calling in a professional gutter maintenance service is more affordable than you might imagine and certainly a better alternative to gutters damaged by the over enthusiastic use of a hose or worse still injuries that result from a fall off a ladder!


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