5 Terrific Home Tech Innovations From Kickstarter Any Home Owner Will Love


As people who make use of all kinds of technical equipment and technology all day every day to help tackle water, mould and fire damage (among other things) it’s fairly natural (we think) that we all love gadgets. Especially home gadgets, cool stuff that makes the operation – and sometimes the looks – of average home systems even better.

It’s for this reason that, when we have a chance, we do like to have a look at some of the innovations being pitched on Kickstarter. You really can find some amazing stuff, as some of our recent favourites demonstrate:



Imagine showering in the soft spray of a raging waterfall. However, although we do have some lovely waterfalls here in Ontario try it in real life and you’re likely to be arrested (and make the ten o’clock news) The Nebia is a new kind of showerhead that atomizes water into millions of droplets, creating a water ‘surface area’ that’s ten times larger than a standard shower and yet actually uses less water and less energy is needed to heat the  water. The fine, fine  spray also reduces splashing, decreasing the  risk of  the kind of long term water damage some showers can cause.



Speaking of  water and saving energy the Miito is akin to the kettle of the future. Aside from its astonishing good looks the Miito trumps a traditional kettle in that it can heat  just enough water for a single cup of tea or coffee far faster, a much less wasteful way to get a brew on. It can actually even heat soup if you so desire and the clean up is easy too.



The Flyte is more than an energy saving lightbulb for almost any room in your home, it’s practically magic . The Flyte is a levitating light which hovers by magnetic levitation and does not even need any batteries, as it is powered by air and induction. Oh, and each one has an IKEA like wooden base that serves as rather a nice piece of home decor as well.



The Bruno combines two common household items – the trash can and the dustpan – and takes them both  to the next level. Simply sweep dirt, dust, pet hair and more to the ‘mouth’ of this clever bin and it will literally suck it up, saving you what is often some rather back breaking dustpan work and making the whole floor clean up process easier and more efficient and yet it can  still be used as a ‘regular’ trash can as well. And what’s even better is that it hooks up to your smartphone to remind you when it’s garbage day as well as to alert you to the fact that it is getting full.



OK, so the Alchema is a bit indulgent, but we love it anyway, especially as the hot cider season approaches. This clever take on a Keurig allows you to make fresh hot apple cider in the comfort of your own kitchen, and it’s as easy as brewing coffee. Don’t really like cider? That’s OK, because you can use the Alchema to brew small batches of homemade wine too.





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