The Mould Trap You Don’t Think About; Your Car and Mould Prevention


Have you ever heard yourself tell someone that you ‘practically live in your car’? Many of us have because that’s actually not too far from the truth. Often our personal vehicles serve not only as an A to B device but also as a dining room, an office, a centre for entertainment and even, occasionally, as an on the go changing room.

The Car Trash Problem

Because of all of this that little box you call a car (or truck, or SUV or whatever) can become rather unpleasant rather quickly. We stash papers, sweaty gym clothes, stinky work uniforms, muddy shoes, fast food packaging, soda fountain cups, sweet wrappers,
and more.

The floors have probably taken a beating too with mocha coffee spills, Red Bull splashes, French fry droppings, ketchup splats, gritty snow stampings, and rain water from that time the window wouldn’t go up. And it does not help too much that much of the time the vehicle is sealed tight, trapping all of the moisture and nasty smells. And you know what else it can also harbour? Lurking mould.

Cars and Mould

For the most part mould growing in a car will attack its upholstery, but if its allowed to really spread it will latch onto the actual individual parts as well. It’s especially fond of your car’s blower system, especially in the colder months when all of that lovely heat – stuff mould loves – is being pumped out. Does your vehicle seem to stink up as soon as you turn on the A/C/heat? That very well may be a mould issue right there.

Preventing Car Mould

Car mould can, and should, be prevented. Riding around in a mouldy vehicle is not only nasty in general it can be bad for your health, just as mould in your real home can be. But what should you do to prevent it from taking hold? Here are just a few simple suggestions:

Remove all trash. EVERY DAY
Clean up all spills promptly and properly
Stop leaving dirty clothes in the car.
Stop eating in your car. Seriously. Just stop it.
Use the cup-holder for your lidded drinks and then throw the containers away or recycle them as soon as you exit your vehicle.
Transport little kids a lot? Ditch the Graham Crackers, Gummi Bears, and Juicy Juice. Consider giving your toddlers nuts or dehydrated fruit as a snack and stick to just water during a drive. Or, invest in better snack containers or non-drip sippy cups. For longer drives, stop and feed them at a restaurant or public seating area instead. Your children and your mould-free car will thank you.

Detail-clean and vacuum your car at the end of every work week.

Ultimately, the best advice is to just to think more about how you behave in your vehicle aka stop being such a slob. And if the damage is already done? Deal with it asap and then resolve never to let it happen again, much the same as you would if mould were infesting your bricks and mortar home.

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